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"5 Ways In Which Great Leaders Are Built And Nurtured"

Being a great leader is not something you can fake.  Leaders have innate qualities that cannot be taught.  However, great leaders often need help to be built and nurtured to reach their full potential.  They may need that extra push to give them confidence, or even that extra knowledge.  To managers it is often apparent to them, who on their team would be a great leader and once these people have been identified they can build and nurture them, promoting in-house.  Here are 5 ways in which leaders are built and nurtured:

1.  Failure is allowed

They are encouraged to think for themselves and are held accountable for their commitments.  It is important that they are allowed to fail. Some of the best learning comes from failure.  Mistakes often reveal the most information, telling you what works and what doesn't.  Once they have failed, they are encouraged to learn from failure and to get back in the game to win.

2. Constant learning

They are eager to learn and improve.  Just because they have already graduated college, or finished their training doesn’t mean the learning should stop.  Whether, they may read books on their own or participate in educational opportunities such as watch webinars, it is important that they are driven to learn.  They may simply observe others whether it is a superior or a mentor. It is important that they don't plateau and limit their knowledge but instead to constantly build upon it. 

3.  Responsibility for their development

It is important for both parties to be responsible for their development.  They should have managers who take responsibility for helping them develop and give them stretch assignments that will help them learn new things.  Not only is it up to the managers, but it is also up to the individual to take responsibility for their own development.  They should WANT to improve.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. 

4.  Teaching

They are encouraged to coach, mentor and teach others. Teaching is a great way to learn.  You don’t realize how much you really know about a topic until you are made to teach it to someone else. 

5. Support group

Whether the support group is in the office or a group outside of the office it is important to have support.  They should have a group that they can come to and feel safe asking questions, or learning from.  Maybe this could be a leadership development program, which gives them a 3rd party input.  In all aspects of life it is beneficial to have a support group

Its true that leaders are born, but great leaders also need help.  A good manager will see that an employee has potential to be a great leader and will do what is in their power to help build and nurture them.  Part of being a good leader is the willingness to lead.  They must WANT to improve, learn, and lead.  Without this drive and passion their innate abilities to lead will go to waste. 

Special thanks to Deb Boelkes and Deborah Van Huis for sharing insight for this blog post! 

Jacqueline Dandan is the social media coordinator at Business World Rising and a recent college graduate from Loyola Marymount University.  She majored in Business Marketing with a Minor in Spanish, and loves being back in Orange County!

For more information about Business World Rising or how great leaders are built and nurtured, please contact us today.

Thanks to AN HONORABLE GERMAN for the great picture!

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