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Top 7 Ways To Accelerate The Rise of Your Best People

Nowadays retaining top talent is important. Employers spend a lot of time and money searching for the perfect person for a job opening.  So why not utilize those employees? If you aren’t promoting your top talent they may leave your organization and go work for your competition.  So how do you accelerate the rise of your best people? 

Here are 7 ways:

1. Mentoring:  

Mentor them yourself or help them find at least one good mentor to be a role model for them inside or outside the company. This can accelerate their career quicker. 

2. Sponsoring:

Be a sponsor and go out of your way to let others in senior leadership know that you believe in them.  Let those in senior leadership know you support their accelerated promotion and advancement within the company.

3. Funding:

Fund and give them time dedicated to their participation in a continuous Leadership Development program. Often one time training classes are not enough. They need a continuous program where they learn new lessons every month, where there are prior lessons and learning is re-enforced.  

4.  Consider a personal coach:

Register them for outside development and training that aligns to new skills needed or skills to be improved.  A personal coach is a great third party, which can develop them into what they could be.

5. Development plan:

Develop a personal development plan with key goals and milestones that create a path to the position they wish to work towards.  With more structure, your top talent can work to their fullest potential or even surpass your expectations.

6. Give them a leadership role:

Put them on a team and give them a leadership role on that team.  Or give them a project management position, where they are able to use leadership and decision making skills.  This will give them more confidence in their own abilities as well as show that you too are confident in them.

7. Face time:

Have them accompany you to high visibility meetings with your peers and your superiors so they get some face time.  Allow them to speak with those in power, and network.  This way when the time comes for your superiors to promote someone they may remember the person that accompanied you.

It is not all up to you help accelerate your top talent.  This acceleration has to come from them as well, they need to not only be ambitious but confident.  It is important for your top talent to understand the reasons why they are “top.” Encourage them to understand and be able to articulate their value to the company.  Once they know their own value, they will be able to articulate their value to superiors, as well as build on those competencies to accelerate their career.

Special thanks to Deb Boelkes, Cheryl Archer, and Deborah Van Huis for sharing insight for this blog post! 

Jacqueline Dandan is the social media coordinator at Business World Rising and a recent college graduate from Loyola Marymount University.  She majored in Business Marketing with a Minor in Spanish, and loves being back in Orange County!

For more information about Business World Rising or how to promote your best people, please contact us today.

Thank you to Alex E. Proimos for the great photo!

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