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5 Questions On The Need For Role Models in Business

A role model is someone you can look up to in life and in business. 


Here are a few simple ways:

Of course, you can have role models for a variety of different purposes.  Did you know there are positive and negative role models?

The Positive Role Model:

You can aspire to be like your positive role models.  It may be that you want to behave like them, to have a personality like theirs, or maybe treat people the way they treat people.  But realize that it may be difficult to find one person that embodies all the characteristics you ideally want to be like!

The Negative Role Model:

Negative role models are those you do not want to be like. If you pay attention, it’s not hard to find negative role models. But it is highly recommended to have more positive than negative role models.

You may find that you will have many different role models throughout your life that have something in particular you admire and aspire to be like them. It is highly recommended to have more positive than negative role models.

We asked Business World Rising CEO Deb Boelkes for her take on the need for and best use for role models.  Here’s what she said:

Q: We have all heard of the need for a role mode, what does it mean today to have one?

A: Deb Boelkes:

  • A role model speeds your progression and your transformation into becoming who you want to be. 
  • When you find someone who is behaving how you aspire to be, this makes your transformation quicker. 
  • In some respects having a role model is imitating someone, in order to achieve success.
  • We see qualities that we desire in ourselves that we otherwise may not have known we desired.


Q: How do you suggest someone go about finding a role model? 

A: Deb Boelkes:

  • There are so many different places you can find a role model, such as work or in your community. 
  • There is no lack of places to find role models; they can be found virtually anywhere.
  • It is more about knowing what it is that you are looking for so that you will know once you see it.


Q: Should a role model be older than me and in my industry?

A: Deb Boelkes:

  • Though role models are typically older than you, they do not have to be.  Sometimes great role models can be peers of yours. 
  • Actually since I have gotten older I have found people that are much younger than me, and that I think can refine myself. 
  • It is not necessary for a role model to be in your industry.


Q: Do I need to know them, or can I just watch what they do and learn?

A: Deb Boelkes:

  • You do not need to know them, it depends on what it is you are trying to emulate.  If you are trying to understand how they behave and act, it helps to get an up close and personal view. 
  • There are times you may just see people on stage or television for example.  As long as you can observe the characteristics in them that you want to emulate.                       


Q: What are some examples of your personal role models?

A: Deb Boelkes:

  • My grandmother is one of my role models, she was a very astute and elegant business woman.  I felt she was perfect in everyway; I loved how she looked and treated people.  To this day I wish I was more like her. 
  • My father is also a role model of mine; he was the CEO of a company.  He taught me how to behave like a CEO and how not to behave.
  • Other role models are people I have worked with throughout my life, some positive and some negative.  For the most part I have had role models that have been very close to me


Role models inspire you to transform into the ultimate person you want to be.  You observe and imitate their positive characteristics.  Role models can also come from virtually anywhere, whether they are younger than you or have passed away.  A role model is someone who you wish to emulate, and if you succeed will make you better. 

Do you have a role model? If so, how have you emulated them?

Are you a role model for others? How have you modeled positive actions?

Jacqueline Dandan is the social media coordinator at Business World Rising and a recent college graduate from Loyola Marymount University.  She majored in Business Marketing with a Minor in Spanish, and loves being back in Orange County!

For more information about Business World Rising or how to choose or become a better role model, please contact us today.

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